"Nothing that was but hath changed— 'tis a world made new— A lost world risen again."

- from Aubade


A gifted poet, erudite literary and art critic, and daring beauty, the woman variously known as R. Armytage, Graham R. Tomson, and Rosamund Marriott Watson (1860-1911) was a participant in aestheticism and (less usual for women) decadence. In all she authored six volumes of poems noted for their subtle cadence, diction, and uncanny effects. Her poems appeared in some of the era’s most prominent periodicals, from Scribner’s and Harper’s in America to the Scots Observer, Academy, and The Yellow Book in England. But a scandalous second divorce played havoc with her reputation, revealing in the process the limits as well as opportunities faced by an unconventional, ambitious, and talented woman at the turn of the century.

After nearly disappearing from cultural memory, her collected poems from 1912 are reproduced here so that scholars, students, and interested readers can reacquaint themselves with her work, whether by reading online or downloading, printing, and searching her collected poems. Additional resources guide visitors to the site to recent scholarship and associated sites.


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